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Natural Straight soft texture has a very slight wavy when you wash and go air dried.


  • 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Hair texture Straight
  • 100 grams -3.4 oz
  • Length 14"
  • Width 80"

Extensions/"Natural Straight" Weft 14" Item: NSWN14

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  • PRO TIP for Natural Straight ,Natural Wavy,Natural Curl Hair Care
    *Use shampoo and conditioner sulfate free
    *Shampoo and Condition gently in a downward motion. Do not flip hair upside down to wash.
    *Rinse and towel dry gently 
    *Brush hair using a vent brush. Starting from bottom to top while holding the top of the section. 
    *Use a dime size of light oil or Argan oil and gently work through hair.
    *Air Dry or  Hair diffuser for natural wavy look
    *If using Hot tools use heat protectant than style.

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