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As a young woman I was a performer in the Young Americans Theater group, representing the youth of America through song and dance that traveled the country inspiring other youths. This is where I first fell in love with hair design. I would see these magical transformations happen to my fellow performers with just the change of a hair style or color with a wig. This continued, as we traveled to large shows throughout the USA, I would see stunning change in personalities with a simple hair style.


Then fortune shined on me, I was honored to perform in Las Vegas and tour the east coast for 2 years, this only fueled my fire for the magic of wigs. I knew at once I was destined to step into this amazing and fulfilling world of wigs and hair extensions.

After leaving Young American (because I was an Older American) I became a hair stylist. I have always loved how exciting it is to change a persons look. As luck would have it, I walked into one of the top salons in Beverly Hills named "Salon Extensions" with 26 inches of beautiful long hair (discreetly added) on my head, and with the confidence experience provides, I informed them I was the best hair extension artist in LA.

Guess what? They believed in me.

I became a "Master in the Art of Hair Extensions and Wigs". My clients spanned from game show host models (The Price is Right), Heavy Metal Rockers, WWF Wrestlers, singers, actors, performers, and everyone else in between.

When I left Beverly Hills, it was time for me to open my own salon. I opened locations in Long Beach, CA and Las Vegas, NV — I called them "Hair for Days".

To my surprise, the demand for my designs caught so much attention. I was asked to design and update wigs for a prominent manufacturer under their new hair line. These where so well received, they asked me to open a retail store in Los Angeles, CA. There I was able to showcase these designs and it remains a highly successful purveyor of my products to this day.

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