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It seems most that is good in design and products have an element of a natural origin. I find interest in the way wind blows a lock back, or how a hand flicks a tuft out of ones eyes. These subtle, you might say unnoticeable moments are real, and I strive to give my products the same natural, meaningful quality.

Wind in the Hair


The hair I use is real. I know our providers. What I acquire is sourced from vendors I trust and have a personal relationship with. I only use 100% virgin Indian Remy hair. Competitors commonly use a silicone-coated mixture of animal hair and synthetic fiber. This is why typical hair extensions tend to tangle easily and lose their body and natural flow.

A source to feel good about.

In many cultures, the traditional practice known as Tonsuring now serves a second modern agenda. Tonsuring is the practice of cutting or shaving some or all of the hair on the scalp, as a sign of religious devotion or humility. This practice can now serve a spiritual and practical purpose.

The hair cultivated provides medical aid, education, food, and critical infrastructure projects. The traditional custom to remove the hair now serves multiple purposes that benefit society as a whole.


I care. I realize image is important.  I want you to look your very best. My intent is to make sure every product I provide is of the highest quality and fits your specific needs. When I see the smile on your face bloom, my heart warms, and I know I've helped you move closer to the "You" you want to be 

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